Brian Walsh is a Registered Psychotherapist and Professional Storyteller.
He also works as a Spiritual Care provider at a major mental health hospital and volunteers as a pagan chaplain at the University of Toronto.

As a CRPO Registered Psychotherapist, Brian works with individuals and groups providing spiritually-informed psychotherapy, in both private practice and a hospital setting.

As a Professional Storyteller, Brian has told Celtic stories at numerous venues, including the Toronto Storytelling Festival; while guest lecturing at the University of Toronto; on stage at Dundas Square; and deep in the woods, around a campfire with friends.

Brian has a background in World Religions, Celtic Studies, and Spiritual Care, with a B.A. from the University of Toronto, an M.Phil. from the University of Wales, and other graduate level training from University of Toronto. Brian is especially interested in the intersection of Spirituality, Mental Health, and Narrative.

No matter which of his many hats Brian is wearing, Story is at the heart of his practice.

Brian’s passions include Spirituality, Psychotherapy, Storytelling, Celtic Studies, World Religions, Mythologies, Frame Drums, Dreams, and Dogs; and his book, “The Secret Commonwealth and the Fairy Belief Complex” (2002), is based on his thesis about fairy beliefs in Early Modern Scotland.


  1. Please let me know where to get a copy of “The Secret Commonwealth and the Fairy Belief Complex”. I’m hoping you bring it to London ON this weekend. Thanks!!

  2. Great stuff, keep going. I am doing a Masters in fine art painting, Liminality in Irish mythology is my chosen subject.

    • Thanks for the kind words.
      Do you have a website. That’s a hard subject to capture in a visual art, I’d love to see some of how you explore that. :/)

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