Posted by: Brian | June 25, 2012

RTÉ Article: Vandalism at Tara

Here is an article from RTÉ News

Investigation after Hill of Tara monument vandalised

The stone was struck, possibly with a hammer, at 11 places, on all four of its face

In addition to what is stated in the article, it should be noted that in 19th-century oral tradition, the pillar stone currently at Tara was known as Bod Fhearghais [penis of Fergus] and it’s absolute identification with the Lia Fáil is not uncontested.
All agree that the stone was supposed to shout out under the feet of a rightful king, so it is quite likely that actual Lia Fáil was probably an unhewn flat(ish) stone rather than a phallic monument. Fergus Mór mac Eirc was said to have taken the Lia Fáil to Scotland. It is also held that it was carried to Scone then finally removed to Westminster Abbey in the 13th cent.
Regardless, I think it’s terrible that anyone would deface such an important cultural and sacred site.

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