Posted by: Brian | April 9, 2012

Local Events

The first half of 2012, has filled up pretty quickly for me, and I’m looking forward to all the exciting things I’ll be doing (and the wonderful people I’ll be doing them with) in April, May, and June!


 April 12-15, I’ll be inLondon,ON, for the Mystic Roots Conference.

This year’s theme is “Unlocking the Secrets to Time”, so I’ll be looking important pieces of the Celtic past and how they can inform our present.

On the opening night I’ll be telling a few ancient stories, and connecting them to experiences in our modern lives; stories of, wisdom lost and recovered; stories of confronting the harshness of reality; stories of seizing your boldness, talent, and fate to become who you are really meant to be, here and now!

Then my presentations will include:

The God Lugh and the Feast of Lughnadadh
Patron of shoes? shopping!? horse-racing and hockey!?!Lugh Lamhfada: lord of oaths, protector of the harvest, god of kingship, and so much more… (Re)discover a world of chaos and order, romance and intrigue, contests and battles, magic and monsters… What does this god tell us about the world and ourselves? And what does all this have to do with opening the harvest! Discover the legends and seasonal customs associated with not only Lugh, but the powerful goddesses in his story, and the August festival of Lughnasadh.

We Are the World: a look at Creation, Sacrifice, and Healing
We are star stuff… since the beginning, the Celts and other Indo-European cultures have expressed our connection to the rest of the Living World by connecting the many elements to the various parts of the Living Person. This participatory workshop explores the intimate relationship between the Dúile (meaning ‘elements’ or ‘living beings’) and yourself, through both history and experiential participation. Explore the mysteries that connect you to the Wind, Sky, Sun, Moon, Cloud, Greenery, Land, Stone, Sea, and so much more.

On Darkness and Light
Why does the year start at Samhain? Why does the day start at sunset? Why is the darkness first? We will answer these questions and more in this exploration of the Celtic view of Darkness and Light. Though a blend of history, archaeology and sacred stories, come see how these primordial powers relate to each other and how we can relate to them through Celtic mythology and our own religious experience.


May 5th, I will be inToronto officiating a Bealtaine celebration with Embolden.

Details are still forthcoming, but we will be celebrating with the Os, the Beltane Carlene, and Sacred Fire – a wonderful confluence of folk customs from around the Celtic world!


May 18-21, I’ll be inTorontofor Gaia Gathering, the Canadian National Pagan Conference.

This year’s theme is “Building the Mosaic” which represents the diversity of individuals that make up the whole of our community. By bringing together pieces of our respective communities and local groups during the conference, we build a representation of the larger Canadian Pagan Mosaic. I will be one of the speakers at the keynote event, which will be a mosaic of speakers from the greaterTorontoarea.

I will also be speaking on panel discussions for “Reconstructionism” and “Are you willing to pay for your Spirituality?”


June 13-17, I’ll be north of Toronto for Wiccanfest (don’t let the name fool you, many traditions come together for an amazing weekend of fun, growth, and shared experiences).

I’ll be doing one presentation (TBD), hosting a session of sacred stories (TBD, but perhaps having a ‘boys to men’ theme), and a ritual (likely related to Nechtan, since the 17th is his day).


For those of you living in or around southern Ontario, I hope to see you at these and other great events, as this is only a fraction of the wonderful things going on in the region!  We also have Northern Lights Gathering, Spirits of the Earth, Kaleidoscope Gathering, and so much more!!!



  1. I had requested that you be on the panel for Reconstructionism 🙂

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