Posted by: Brian | March 22, 2012

World Water Day

Am Gaeth i m-Muir
“I am wind on Sea”

The very first line of the Song of Amergin makes reference to water – a substance without which life as we know it would be impossible. 

Water has been honoured in Celtic culture as various goddesses; from Danu, the ‘River of Heaven’ and mother of the gods; to Matrona (the Marne); Sirona; Sequanna (the Seine); Sabrina (the Severn); Sionna (the Shannon); Bóann, whose waters Medeaval scribes say runs, not only in the Boyne, but in all the rivers of the world; and many more.

Likewise, in India, the sacred Ganges and the, now lost, Sarasvati rivers are revered as goddesses in their own right.

Throughout the world humanity has honoured gods and goddesses of water, both for their intrinsic nature and the meaning we attribute to them; and, on this day we are being asked to remember this elememtal force that means so much – not just in prayer or good intentions, but in practical action.

Here are a few sites that provide information and suggestions for World Water Day:

Make a Splash on World Water Day (Canadian)

World Water Day (United Nations)

Spirituality and Practice 


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